How Do I Clean A Bong?

Cleaning your bong or water pipe may be one of the worst things about owning one but that doesn’t mean it can’t get shiny clean again! Here are Boss Leaf’s bong or water pipe cleaning tips! So, how do you clean your bong?

Bong Cleaning Methods

Homemade Rinses

You can use homemade rinses made from supplies you can find at your local general or grocery store! These types of rinses work great for all bongs, water pipes, and parts.

  • Warm water for rinsing
  • Salt + rubbing alcohol for basic cleaning
  • Lemon juice for removing water stains

Branded Rinses

Branded cleaning rinses may have the correct balance of cleaning solution-to-salt ratio, therefore it may clean your bong or water pipe more effectively. You can find these products and much more in our store!

  • Orange Chronic
  • Randy’s
  • Formula 420

Cleaning Tools

For effective cleaning, try multiple cycles! Larger and complicated bongs with many sections may be harder to clean. There are tools you can buy that can help with cleaning, as well. Most of these tools work great for smaller bongs or pipes. You can find small cleaning tools in our store!

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