Benefits Of THC

THC is not as popular as CBD in the medical community but it does have medical benefits! THC has been used for thousands of years to help treat the symptoms of many health issues. So, how does THC benefit your body?

THC Benefits

THC has been shown to potentially help increase appetite, help with neurodegenerative diseases, and potentially ease symptoms in cancer patients! THC contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anticonvulsant properties, making its use applicable to a wide range of conditions and individuals. THC is quite often mislabelled as something “bad, often regarded as something whose only purpose is to get you “high”, but how wrong they are!

THC may help the following conditions:

  • pain
  • anxiety
  • muscle spasticity
  • insomnia
  • low appetite
  • nausea
  • glaucoma

The Bright Future For Cannabis

THC may be the best treatment for you but you should check with your doctor before starting or stopping regular prescription medications or treatments. THC has so many medical applications that it is unfortunate that its stigma as resulted in them being under-appreciated and unders-researched. THC is natural in the world around us- we have endocannabinoid systems in our body’s, with our brain’s possessing receptors that specifically bing to THC. Other plants carry it as well, it’s just not as plentiful as it is in the cannabis plant. Cannabis research is becoming more and more prevalent, in-depth and diverse. The negative health effects of cannabis can mostly be attributed to the negative effects of smoke-inhalation in general (lung damage, for instance). However, there are other methods of ingesting cannabis.

Cannabis may be the medical community’s next miracle drug, the same way it is to millions of people every day.

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