About Boss Leaf

Straight Out Of Tillsonburg, Ontario… 
Come in and say high!

Our Story

My name is Melodie. I am the owner of Boss Leaf. My nickname has long been Boss Lady and from that, the Boss Leaf name was a no-brainer. 

I opened Boss Leaf with the hope that I would be a part of the movement to make marijuana more socially acceptable. A quick visit to a typical head shop all presented the same; dimly lit, colourful neon lighting and incense galore.   They were intimidating, and as a non-recreational user, I didn’t feel that I could walk in and have an open discussion about weed.

I vowed to be different than them, to draw in a different crowd. I designed Boss Leaf in a way to appeal to someone who may be curious about cannabis but feels uncomfortable walking into a typical head shop. Hopefully your first visit to my shop will be everything you wanted it to be, and more. 

Everyone is welcome. Everyone is safe. There are no stupid questions and I encourage you to come meet me, introduce yourself and ask me how I can help you make cannabis work for you.  

From my family to yours, welcome to Boss Leaf.

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